Answers to all the most important questions can be found in this section. Even if you have not found your question here, we are always happy to answer you personally by phone, or by email.


How to open a trading account?

In order to open a trading account, you can follow this link, fill out the registration details, such as your name, last name, phone number and email, specify the currency in which you want to open a trading account and come up with a password. After filling in the data, click to “Open Trading Account” button, after which your account will be opened.

How fast can I start trading?

After opening a trading account and funding it, you will need to complete the verification process. After which you can right away starting your trading.

What is verification?

Based on the European law on e-commerce, all trading accounts in our company must complete the verification process to verify their identity and to avoid money laundering. Verification procedure is a mandatory formal procedure for every investor in our company.

What is needed for verification process?

To verify your trading account, you need to send to our verification department (via email) photo of your ID, any Utility Bill with your full name where appear your physical address of the residence and with a date not later than 3 month from now. If the deposit was made from credit card you also need to send us a photo of your card (by covering first 12 digits of the card) and the back side of your card (also to cover your electronic signature).

What if I can't login to my trading account?

That might happen due to the fact that you are not correctly entering your login, or password, try to update them and try again.

What if I forgot my login details?

You can always update your data by clicking the “forgot password” button below the form to fill in your data to enter the trading account. After that you will be transferred to the data recovery page to enter the trading account, simply follow the instructions.


What is the minimum deposit?

The minimum deposit in our company is 250 US dollars, in equivalent from the currency of your trading account. In special cases, the minimum deposit amount may be less than the above, you can get information from your personal account manager.

How can I deposit to my trading account?

You can fund your trading account using different payment methods, such as: Credit cards, bank transfers, electronic wallets, and crypto wallets.

What currencies can I fund my trading account?

You can fund your trading account in three major currencies: American Dollar, Euro and British Pound.

How fast the money will show up on my trading account?

Funding of the trading account usually happens immediate as soon as the transaction is confirmed. In case you made a bank transfer, the refill can take up to 7 banking days.

How can I withdraw the money?

You can order the withdrawal of your finances in your trading profile through the “withdrawal” tab. Make sure that your account is fully verified and the balance desired for withdrawal is now in your account.

Where can I withdraw the money?

The deposit amount will always be deducted directly to the method of payment from which the finance came. All profits from the trading account can be withdrawn to a bank account, or electronic wallets. (the bargain bonus is also your profit)

How long does the withdrawal takes?

The withdrawal of the finance from the trading account takes up to 72 working hours from the moment of confirmation of the withdrawal request. To receive the money to bank account takes up to 7 banking days.


What difference between balance and equity?

Balance is the amount of finance on the account including bonuses, your investments and profits. Equity is the amount of all the finances in the account including money in open positions.

I have money on my balance but I cant open trade?

To open trades, you are using the available margin, which is displayed to the right of “Balance”. The balance is not always equal to the available amount to trade if you have open trades.

Why my trade was closed?

Closing a deal without your knowledge can be performed automatically by the system due to insufficient balance to keep your open position, it happens only when your position is in a negative balance.

When can I trade?

Financial markets are active 24 hours 5 days a week, some assets associated with the stock exchanges around the world may sometimes not be active for trading and will be opened only after the opening of the stock exchange in the country from which the company register.

What is leverage?

Leverage is an extra cost that a broker adds to you to enter a trade. So you trade with the amount of money equal to the one you need to open that or another transaction, but using a smaller balance. For example: You open a deal for one lot EUR / USD equal to 100,000 Euro, with a leverage of 1:50 you need only 2,000 Euros to open this deal.

How can I change my leverage?

The leverage in our company varies depending on the level of your trading account, or by prior personal arrangement with your personal account manager.

Can the robot trade for me?

Our company does not provide the opportunity to trade with automated robots, all automatic software that can execute trading on your behalf in our company is the third company to whom you gave an access to your account, we do not have responsibility for the actions of these robots on your account.