Financial services are provided by Bigger Investments Limited OÜ company number 14555598 with registered office: Harju maakond, Tallinn, Lasnamäe linnaosa, Peterburi tee 47, 11415.


Website is operated by Bigger Investments Limited OÜ  company number 14555598, with registered office and operational address: Harju maakond, Tallinn, Lasnamäe linnaosa, Peterburi tee 47, 11415

Please notice:

Before completing the registration with Company you need to read thoroughly the following Terms and Conditions. You affirm that you’ve read and completely understood all data in terms and user license agreement by clicking on “Continue” “Accept” or “I agree” buttons. You confirm that you comprehend the accessible data and that you’ll undertake to carry out with the Terms and Conditions.

1. General Terms

  • Bigger Investments Limited OÜ (the “Company” or “we” or “BigFX”) offers financial market trading services via the Internet. All the conditions which apply to the accessible services of BigFX are described below. For any cause please use the Customer Support button to contact us.
  • Also, you always can send us a mail on [email protected] It’s free and very easy for anyone with an internet connection anywhere in the world. Please notice, that BigFX reserves the right to revise any information in Terms and Conditions at any moment. Any modifications will be executed by exhibit a new version of Terms and Conditions on our (BigFX) website.   
  • Please consider that BigFX also reserves the right to make any alterations to the web page’s material or/and directly the trading platform or its parts concerning selling products or/and innovations or/and computer applications that used for the platform.  

2. Online Services Agreement

  • This treaty is justly relevant to both the Platform and the Web page furthermore to any software and to any content which is accessible on our (BigFX’s) site at this moment. The site gives the users certain data about program transaction services and currency exchange value, currency market trading information via Internet Network, fax or telephone, and any other data, peculiarities or services that the corporation may supplement later.

3. Membership Eligibility

  • Please mind that all the services are accessible exclusively for legal entities or individuals that can to accept and agreed on a legally binding contract(End User License Agreement “Terms & Conditions”) that is valid under the laws of Estonia as well any other agreements with the Company that the customer can receive from us in the process of cooperation.
  • REMEMBER: our services are accessible ONLY to users who are 18 years or older. If you are under 18 please DO NOT use this website. Also, DO NOT use the site if you do not match the legal age condition.
  • Furthermore, we are not responsible for illegal site users who are younger than 18 years old in any way or another. All the clients are informed about their exceptionally accountable for any choice they are making relation to dealing. Based on this BigFX disclaims any responsibility for verifying your level of education or your business skills. This also applies to responsibility for accidents or loss endured as a direct outcome and/or indirectly from your use of the Site. The conditions are the same for any activity and services usage. Without limits to those prerequisites, any of our services are unavailable in regions where their use is prohibited so BigFX savings the right to deny or/and disconnect access to any products to anybody. When you create an account with BigFX you automatically affirm that you did this readily by your own free will without any mediation of BigFX.

4. Fraud

  • Consider, that BigFX surely prohibits anyone to overuse the website and a trading platform, users and non-users, as well as having an attraction any third individuals intermediate. It involves any arrangements, person, tools or any other ways to perpetrate any fraudful actions.
    This prohibition is also can be applied in terms of law infraction or producing insignificant data in regards to BigFX website.
    Moreover the BigFX will not accept any situations where features of the web page are being misused. The BigFX and/or Members shall have its own basis of estimating dishonest activities at its sole discretion.

5. Registration Information and Requirements

  • For any fresh enrollments, users will have to ensure the company with some certain personal data. Users are herewith warned that their profile data are their liabilities and that the BigFX will not be answerable in case if user’s profile ever incurs any kind of damage produced by cause of any action or inaction emanate in the inappropriate or illegal use of their account. While the registration process is on the User should provide true and exhaustive data about themselves. There should be no effort in personalizing themselves as another person or organization or/and effort to hide some individual data for any case whatever. Those users who joining BigFX as a merchant entity must be ready to declare the required authority to oblige the entity to this Agreement.
  • Please consider, that BigFX carefully handles the data provided by Users and maintains productive methods for reasonable immediate claim handling for current and possible retail users. Moreover, we keep records of claims used for a pretension resolution. The main goal of this idea is to secure clean and consistent dealing with client complaints while trying to provide the highest level of customer service.

6. Legal Restrictions

  • Laws in regards to financial agreements differ worldwide and therefore it is your accountability to ensure that you obey with any existing laws, rules or directives in your country of residence when it comes to using BigFX web page or platform for trading plans. The cooperation among the company and its clients are ruled by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of Estonia Jurisdiction. The versatility of obtaining access to this site does not surely guarantee that it meets the rules, laws or guidelines applicable to your country of residence. Accessing this site and when funding your trading profile as well, you thereby confess the money DOES NOT come from drug selling, kidnapping or any other unlawful or criminal actions.

7. Limited License

  • BigFX provides you a restricted non-transferable license to get access and use the Site (henceforward “the License”) and this License solely depends on your consent with the terms of this Agreement. By approving this agreement, you thus agree not to resell or providing access to any other person, and you abstain from copying, trade any documents/materials existent on the site, without preceding consultation and written permission from BigFX. To evade any uncertainty, you will be accountable and bound by any unauthorized use of the website, in violation of this section. You accept that you will use all the data received from the information systems of BigFX for the single goal of making transactions in the boundaries of the Site only. In terms of the communication tools put on the site, you accept not to use any of these computerized communication functions for any unlawful, scurrilous, rude, obscene, bullying or abusive purpose, as well as harassment and vituperation in the privacy of others members. The license given by this Agreement shall stop if BigFX considers that any information provided by you, including your email, is no longer current or correct, or if you fail to comply with any terms or rules of this Agreement and all rules and directives for each service. It will be the same if BigFX decides that you have carried out a crime on the BigFX trading platform (including, with no restrictions, the inference of a transaction outside the market rates). In the case of a contravention of these terms, you agree to discontinue accessing the Services. BigFX, can, therefore, at its own volition and with or without any notification cancel your access to all or part of the services, close any transactions, extract and reject any information or content within a Service.  

8. Risk Disclosure

    When consenting to the Rules and Conditions of the site, it is cleared that you know previously that trading is risky. When consenting to the Rules and Conditions of the site, it is cleared that you know previously that trading is risky. This site is only for clients who are capable to confront the loss of any money they invest and who realize the perils and have practice in taking risks in financial markets. Trading could direct to a loss of some or all of your primary investment and according to this, you should not invest capital that you cannot afford to lose. Make sure you acquainted to all the dangers united to trading and if need be, seek for some guidance to an independent business advisor in case of doubts.

9. Financial Information

  • Please consider that BigFX can offer you a broad range of financial knowledge that is produced inwardly from brokers, suppliers or co-workers (henceforward “Third Party Providers”). This comprises, but is not bounded to economic market data, quotes and news, critic views and analysis reports, schedule and data (“Financial info”). Nonetheless, the financial data presented on this web page is not an intentional investment advice.
  • BigFX offers Financial Information only as a Service. The company and it’s Third Party Contractors do not guarantee the correctness, timeliness, fullness or true sequencing of the Financial Information, or results of your usage of this pecuniary information. The financial data may quickly become unreliable for several reasons, including, for example, variations in market requirements or economic factors.
  • Nor BigFX nor it’s Third Party Contractors are required to renew the information or views included in the Financial info, and we can break the flow of Financial Info at any time without notification. You are at all times invited to check the trustworthiness of the information on the Site and its appropriateness for your needs. We eliminate all responsibility for any claim, damage or loss of any sort caused by data contained in the Site or referenced by the Site.

10. Links

  • During the time you trading with BigFX, we may sometimes offer links to different websites that are produced or managed by Third Party Contractors. Nonetheless, you are informed that such link to a site or sites is not an approval nor a sponsorship or an attachment to such site, its masters or its suppliers. BigFX herewith involves that you recognize the dangers associated with the use of such sites before retrieving, using or buying via the internet. BigFX does not warrant the trustworthiness of the content, goods or services presented to you through these sites and accordingly, we cannot be held accountable in cases of loss or damage concerning this information.

11. Trading Cancellation

BigFX has the right to remove a transaction and/or decline to spread profits to any person if it has sufficient reasons or proof of the following:

  • A person’s actions on the web page may be unlawful.
  • BigFX may be damaged by any financial or monetary damage as a result of anyone’s activities.
  • BigFX supposes that one or more transactions on the site were made in breach of this Agreement.

12. Refund Policy

  • BigFX obeys a severe recall procedure which composes of the following:
    • Previous placing any withdrawal request, clients should make sure that their trading profile is completely compliant and fits the requirements set by BigFX’s Compliance Department.
    • Late document representation will result in detaining the withdrawal operation.
    • When a withdrawal demand is submitted, BigFX may take up to 3 business days to prepare the application.
    • When your request is approved please wait for 5 to 7 days before seeing your capital in your account.
    • The money will not take more than 21 business days before arising in your bank account.
    • BigFX requires approval by telephone to complete the withdrawal operation. But as explained, no withdrawal will be processed in cases where compliance papers are missing and where a trading profile has been termed as dishonest.
    • BigFX imposes a tariff of 10% of the withdrawal sum requested if a total margin of more than 200 is not satisfied.
    • BigFX can process earnings withdrawal via Bank Wire Transfer upon special query by a trader.
    • BigFX reserves the right to select the withdrawal way, without being obliged to any specific method.

    Withdrawal Charges

    BigFX charges a payment and is suitable for the different withdrawal methods used:

    • Wire Transfers 50 USD/GBP/EURO
    • Credit Card 25
    • USD/GBP/EURO (Please consider, that a Processing Fee is also adapted for credit card withdrawals)
    • Processing Payment for Credit Cards:
    • USD10 or GBP5 or EUR7
    • Epayments 25 USD/GBP/EURO Minimum Withdrawal Sum

    Fundamentally, the Minimum Sum that can be withdrawn is as follows:


    • Credit Card 100
    • Bank Wire Transfer 500 (Please consider, that an income of at least 500 should be received in order to use this withdrawal technique)
    • EWallet 100

    Clients withdrawing at least $500 by bank transfer, will have to pay a further charge of $50 as per BigFX terms and conditions.

    There are no boundaries to the amount clients are allowed to withdraw from their trading account. Nonetheless, withdrawal applications should be aligned with BigFX’s terms and conditions, meeting the required trading volume. Nevertheless, in the case of withdrawal applications by Credit Card, the highest withdrawal amount cannot surpass $20k. The Credit Card ranges are as follows:

    • 3 cards per account
    • 10 transactions per card
    • $50k max amount withdrawal per card per month

    In case your trading account has been affirmed with any kind of dishonest activities, your account will have to undergo a thorough check. During this particular time, you shall get only 10% of your withdrawable funds on a monthly basis, excluding any trading profits associated with the account as from when the detection has started. Following the finish of the analysis, the remaining withdrawable amount will be transferred to your account. If ever, your trading account has been designated as dishonest, sanctions will be taken.

    Please mention to the Fraud and the above section of the Terms and Conditions. Moreover, reimbursement is carried out in terms of Bonuses, i.e the refunded amount cannot be withdrawn unless the requirements defined in BigFX’s Bonus Policy are met.

13. Complaint Policy

  • In case of disagreement towards the services given by BigFX; users, account owners, and clients are recommended to register the claim as per the procedures realized.
  • The goal of the procedure is to guarantee fair and serial complaint managing whilst trying to provide the highest level of client service.
  • Clients are thus required to give BigFX, in electronic style, details of the disagreement towards the services proposed.

User must provide to the Company some documents to get a fast reply and fair judgment. Here is the list:

  • Links and mentions of any written communication between the customer and Company.
  • Time of presence and actual contact details.

If the user makes a claim against BigFX, the latter is required to provide the following documents:

  • User’s name, number of an account and email address used to register
  • Specific details about the disagreement towards the services
  • Data that prove the claim.

After the investigation carried out in due form, in case the user chooses to eliminate the contract, the company will be required to follow the contract termination scheme.

All complaints must be sent via [email protected] BigFX agents may when providing services to the User and conditioned to privacy rights, use alias names.

14. Bonus Policy

  • BigFX reserves the juridical right but is in no way obligated to, offer bonus programs (i.e. “bonuses”, “promotions” and “benefits”) to new and current Users, to set the conditions of these plans and/or change them without any notification to the User. Any bonus programs that are produced by BigFX are operated under the next terms and requirements:
  • Bonus programs are only accessible to Users who are Completely Compliant, i.e those who have met BigFX’s KYC Guidelines.
  • All bonus programs are legitimate for a certain period of time and can be subject to change without previous notice by the BigFX.
  • A received bonus earning will be attached to the User’s account as a credit, and is intended for trading intentions only – and it can be used forthwith.
  • At least one deposit of 250 USD/EUR/GBP is necessary to withdraw any bonus profits.
  • Any loss is the responsibility of the customer.
  • Any income shall be subtracted from the user’s account.
  • For each provided bonus credit, transaction(s) with a summary value of at least, or greater than 90 times the bonus amount credited are required. Any value below these conditions will under no case be redeemable and will return to BigFX.
  • The terms and requirements of our bonus policy related to the turnover target, commensurate to a min 90 times the value of the bonus amount applies only to hand-operated online trading.

15. Dormant Account Policy

  • A trading profile will be assorted as inactive if it is inert for 30 days. BigFX shall make a monthly analysis of those profiles in which there is no activity (it means no trade has been located for a durable period of time of 30 days). BigFX thus reserves the right to freeze the account for some time. A charge of 15% will be collected from the Deposited amount for each dormant month. To activate a trading account customers are needed to place at least 5 trades. Users are requested to contact with their account agent at the earliest.

16. Unpredictable clients conditions

  • Client may pass his account management to a third party or relative in case of unpredictable health conditions of a client.
  • Unpredictable clients health conditions are those that lead to unstable mental, or/and physical health, or client’s passing away ,without limiting the meaning of the above, any other condition or/and healthy state that deprives the client of the opportunity to reason and take meaningfully decisions and can be confirmed by local medical institution, hospital, or other legalbased medical facility.
  • Client may sign any person who can/will take clients full account management in case of any of the mentioned previously unpredictable health conditions by self or, in case Unpredictable health it can be made by client’s close relatives, attorney or lawyer, or other person who has significant control by Power of attorney.
  • In order to sign a third party person or relative as possible account holder, client has to verify identity of that person, by a standard company verification procedure.
  • After a person who may/could hold clients account in case of unpredictable health conditions is verified client has to send an email to [email protected] asking to sign
  • In case client had suffered with unpredictable health conditions, a person who is signed as possible account holder should send to [email protected] profess of client health condition by a certified doctor with English translation mentioning that client had either passed away, or not in a condition to take any decisions by himself.
  • After account passing in control of a third party or clients relative according to the mentioned above procedure, a new account holder is being considered as a client in any need.
  • In addition any notary will of a client according to country of citizenship legal authority may/will be considered as passing of clients assets at any need.
  • In order to assign trading account as asset in clients will, client should take his trading account ID that he may request from [email protected]

17. Limited Liability

  • We are dedicated to ensuring regularity of the Services on the Site. Nevertheless, we shoulder no liability for any error, omission, removing, delay, breaking, flaw, in operation or transfer, communications line crash, stealing or damage or unlawful access or alteration of the Site or Services. We reject responsibility for any problems or technical breakdown of any telephone system or lines, computer online systems, servers or providers, electronic equipment or software, or any technical collapse because of technical problems on the internet, the Site or any Service.

18. AML Procedures

Forbidden Uses: It is outlawed to overuse this Page for money laundering goals. BigFX applies best methods against anti-money laundering practice. BigFX reserves the right to reject and to eliminate any business connection, and to remove any operation of users who do not obey the conditions of anti-money laundering:

  • Online sellers should give all the data needed for registration. Profits got while trading must only be paid to the account owner.
  • When a client keeps an account by wire transfers, the profits will be appointed to the single owner of the originating bank account. When you make deposits by this, it is the liability of the real trader to make sure that the user’s account number and the certified name of the account holder escort every transfer to BigFX.
  • When you finance your account by using a credit card or debit card, the funds will be apportioned individually to the client whose name indicated on the card applied to make the payment.
  • Each person can create only one account. If you already have an account please DO NOT create more.  No profits can be raised from accounts created under fake names or various accounts generated by the same person.
  • BigFX may, sometimes at its sole choice, ask a customer to present other proof of identities, for example, a notarized copy of passport or other documents of identity confirmation as considered required and may, at its sole choice, freeze an account until the needed data is provided.

19. Intellectual Property

  • Every content, brand label, service stamp, trade name, unique logo, and icon are the property of BigFX or its branch companies or brokers and protected by law and global agreements and terms relating to copyright. You accept not to remove copyright notifications or other items of protected intellectual property rights of any file you print or download from the Page. You will not get intellectual property rights, or any right or permission to use such elements or the Page, other than those set forth here.
  • Pictures presented on the Page are the property of BigFX. You accept not to upload, publish, share or copy any data, software or other files shielded by copyright or other intellectual property rights (including rights of publicity and privacy) without first receiving confirmation from the copyright owner and without the previous written permission of BigFX.

20. Indemnification

  • You agree to protect and repay BigFX and its managers, directors, employees, and agents and to keep them safe from and against any and all pretension, liabilities, harms, losses, and costs, including without limitation rational lawyer’s fees and charges, arising out of / or in any process related to access to and/or use of the Page or Services; breaking of any of the terms in this Agreement; or breach of any relevant laws or regulations.
  • In case that you violate this agreement and register a dispute, upon a decision in our favor by the relevant authority, you the customer, depending on the BigFX’s judgment, may be subject to a forfeit fee, representing 20% of the discussed amount. BigFX reserves the right to make use of the forfeit fee whenever required
  • By accepting these agreements, you also consent that any dispute you may have with BigFX or anyone on its side will be considered by the dispute between you and Company as well.  If you choose to make submit against the BigFX, the Company may (a) contact you individually oblivious of the representation;
    (b) subtract all of its costs for dealing with said representation from your account, in advance. If you do not have enough money in your account to satisfy the Company’s expenses, BigFX may deny communicating with your representation but keep the discussion with you only.

21. Term and Termination

  • In case of violation of the rules of cooperation, the Company can immediately terminate the withdrawal of the trading account, notifying the customer by letter for 7 business days.
  • Termination by any Side will not influence any commitment which has already been incurred by each SIde or any legitimate rights or responsibilities which may already have begun under the Agreement or any Transactions made hereunder. After termination of this Convention, all sums payable by the Client to the BigFX will become forthwith due and payable including (but without limitation) all unfulfilled costs and any other amounts payable to the Company, any expenses, and additional costs incurred or to be incurred by the BigFX as a result of the termination of the Agreement.

After notification about the termination of this Agreement is sent and before the termination date:

  • The Client will have a commitment close all his Open Positions. If he fails to do it, before termination, the BigFX will close any Open Positions at current price values;
  • The Company will be authorized to terminate to provide the User access to the Platform(s) or may limit the functionalities the User is allowed to use on the Platform(s);
  • The Company will be authorized to deny to take new Orders from the User;
  • The Company will be authorized to deny to the Client to withdraw money from the Trading Account and the Company keeps the right to keep Client’s capitals as required to close positions which have already been opened and/or pay any pending obligations of the User under the Agreement.

After termination any or all the following may be applied:

  • The BigFX has the right to merge any Client Accounts of the User, to consolidate the Balances in such Client Accounts and to set off those Balances;
  • The Company has the right to close the Trading Account(s);
  • The Company has the right to transform any currency in the Trading Accounts;
  • The Company has the right to eliminate the User’s Open Positions;
  • In absence of illegal activity or presumed unlawful activity or fraud of the User or instructions from the relevant authorities, if there is Balance in the User’s favor, the BigFX will (after keeping such amounts that in the Company’s absolute discretion decide appropriate in respect of future liabilities) pay such Balance to the User as soon as rationally practicable and supply him with a data showing how that Balance was arrived at and, where relevant, instruct any Candidate or/and any Curator to also pay any applicable amounts. Such funds shall be distributed in accordance with the User’s Instructions to the Customer. It is understood that the BigFX will effectuate payments only to an account in the name of the User. The Company has the right to deny, at its preference, to effect thirty party payments. In case that the Customer fails to provide guidance or the Client cannot be reached at his last known address, the BigFX will forward such funds (at its sole judgment) directly to his bank account as reported to us or by way of a check sent by mail to the address recorded in his Registration Data. It is the User’s liability to update his Registration Data, the BigFX having no responsibility towards the User for any lost money.

22. General Clause and Disclaimer

  • BigFX will not be responsible in any way to any clients in case of force majeure, or for the actions of any government or legal authority.
  • In case if any provision in this Agreement is held to be void or unenforceable, other provisions will remain in full force and effect.
  • The inability of a Side to enforce any right or provision of this Terms will not be considered a refusal of such right or provision.
  • BigFX may assign this Terms or any rights and/or commitments hereunder without your consent.
  • All the T&C and/or any contract between the user and BigFX’s subject to and according to the Transaction Authorization Form.
  • BigFX may change the terms of this document from time to time by posting the fixed terms on its Site. You are liable for checking whether the Agreement was updated. Any modifications shall come into force as of the day it was published on the Site. If you do not agree with the changes to the T&C of this Document, please stop using or access our Services and inform us in writing immediately.
  • BigFX makes use of outside worldwide service providers to produce the best and high-quality service. These services should be considered as BigFX’s services directly. For privacy and individual safety, our workers may make use of alias names.

23. Event of default

  • Since the company opens a personal account for each client in the event of default of the company and / or other events leading to the company’s inactivity, the client has the right to receive his funds back from the balance in the amount in which the balance is (taking into account closed traids). All open tradis will be terminated at the current exchange price and the corresponding amount will also be refunded to client.